The Crystal Ball Is Broken!

The Crystal Ball Is Broken!





August 2022 Newsletter

Market Update

Well, my crystal ball is certainly not working properly and anyone who says they have a handle on this market may be fibbing! We continue to see shifts in the market, however always new surprises. Let me share the numbers with you and let’s try to make sense of them.

In June and July inventory was climbing …finally! Buyers were sitting back and days on market were extending. Since the beginning of August, the inventory seems to be going down again, slightly, but noticeable. Buyers are re-entering the marketplace and snatching up properties that sellers are reducing to a more reasonable market price.

After 14 straight weeks of the average sales price in Naples declining almost 15%, this week it is starting to rise again. That familiar saying, supply and demand, basic economics still holds true. For those sitting on the sidelines waiting for prices to “drop” or “plummet”, we may have see the low for a while.

Traditionally, as we head into season, inventory grows and pricing becomes more competitive, however if sidelined buyers re-enter and buy the inventory quicky, we will see pricing continue to rise. I am not sure it will be to the crazy levels of April and May, but the appreciation in our market will continue with a consistent pace as more and more folks consider the Sunshine state the ideal place to call home.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss in more depth, I am here as your advisor on all things Naples real estate. Please do not hesitate to reach out.


Have you seen my new website?

I created this new website with you in mind! Launched this month, please take a moment to visit and let me know what you think of this new site designed to provide you with valuable information about our market, home valuation, resources on evaluating a purchase in another marketplace, and so much more.

As I constantly strive to provide the very best quality of service and information to my clients, we invested in this platform for our current and future clients. If you know anyone considering a move to the area, this is an ideal way to pay me a compliment and refer your friends to me so they can experience the very best in service. Feel free to share my site with them or better yet, call me so that I can reach out to them directly.

Everything I do in my business is aimed at providing exceptional service in an industry jammed with data, noise, and not always accurate information. It is hard to navigate what is really happening in the marketplace and your properties are large assets being bought and sold. You and your acquaintances deserve the very best in knowledge and expertise!

I would love to hear your feedback on the site, please feel free to click here to share your feedback for future improvements. Don’t forget to create your own account to search and keep up to date on your neighborhood.


I am so excited that I can put these powerful tools in your hand. It will be a great compliment to our regular connections to discuss your personal real estate objectives


Upcoming Local Event!

Join me at this upcoming event where yours truly will be your personal Startender!

As you know, I am hard wired for serving the community and I was thrilled to be included as a Startender in this upcoming event at our very own Dorona Italian Steakhouse, part of the Aielli Group of restaurants in Naples. Join me Thursday, September 28th at 5:30. I will be serving up the drinks and the fun!

We will be doing all this for the benefit of the Women’s Foundation of Collier County. I have been a member of the Board for a few years, and I am most proud of our recently launched Women Lifting Women Initiative focused on three things:

  • Meeting the current critical needs of senior women

  • Empowering young women & girls to meet their full potential

  • Raising Funds to support our priorities well into the future

Please RSVP here! Bring some friends, have a night out! I look forward to seeing you. What a nice end of the summer opportunity to connect in person. I look forward to seeing you there.


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