Move Meter™ And My Home Value

Move Meter™ And My Home Value

Unique Tools for Buyers and Sellers

Did you know almost 50% of homeowners have no idea what their home is worth? Would that change or impact your current and future financial goals? I am so grateful that I work for a company that is forward thinking and constantly providing leading edge technology to put in the hands of my clients to help them make wise decisions with their largest asset.
Check out these new tools that can help you today! These unique tools that can help buyers and sellers quickly understand the market where they are and where they are considering going.
First tool is our Move Meter.™ The Move Meter™ lets you compare locations based on living affordability, average home prices, and other important factors. I have played around with this tool to show folks considering Florida vs. another market or even against their current community. Try it out for yourself. Learn more in this quick video!
Second tool is the My Home Value. Try it with your current home address and you will see a CB estimate (better than that other estimate that we know starts with a “Z”) and you can see a price range based on the most accurate analytics with up to the moment accuracy in our marketplace. If you see a number when you try this out on your home that gets you excited and thinking about the possibilities, let me be your very first phone call to facilitate a realistic conversation first and foremost about where you would go if we sold your home for top dollar and what that equity explosion looks like in the marketplace.

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